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Dash Cam Records As Cab Driver Is Mugged With Police Car Right Behind

Getting mugged is a nightmare everyone is afraid of. But of all professions, cab drivers are especially in danger of


Jerry Rice Picks Up Unsuspecting Riders For Lyft

Even though Uber gets all the headlines, Lyft is still a strong competitor in the new smart phone car hailing market. In


Why Uber Is Terrible

For years, if you wanted a ride somewhere you had to call or hail a cab. At best, the experience


NYPD Cop Abuses Uber Driver

This video taken by a passenger in an Uber car in New York City has instantly gone viral with over


When Passengers Asked To Be Let Off At A Bridge To Jump These Cab Drivers Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Pranksters and social experimenters Yousef of Fousey Tube and Roman Atwood wanted to capture the better side of humanity. The two ordered


Jimmy Kimmel Drives For Uber

Uber has taken the car service world by storm. The small taxi cab tech start up uses the GPS information


High Fiving People Hailing Cabs In New York

Only the crazy rich have cars in New York City, and even they barely use them in the city. It's


Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Share A Lyft Ride

NSFW  Lyft is a popular ride sharing app that people are flocking to in lieu of taking an expensive cab.  


SUV Thief Goes On Car Crash Hit-And-Run Rampage After Rear Ending Cab In Chicago

Apparently this criminal learned all he knows from Grand Theft Auto. After rear ending a cab on Belmont Avenue in Chicago,


Ghost Taxi Driver Prank

Quebec comedy show Just For Laughs Gags seemed to be inspired by the famous invisible driver at the drive-thru prank for this


Norwegian Prime Minister Drives Taxi To Listen To The People

As Prime Minister, it is imperative to listen to the opinions and woes of the people. So Norwegian Prime Minister


The GPS Prank

The once magical and amazing car GPS has become as nearly ubiquitous as the automatic transmission. Knowing this, College Humor set up