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Irish Cabbie Dances With Woman In Street To ‘Get Lucky’

Nismo Ireland was holding a promotional event in Dublin, Ireland when something wonderful happened. Keelan Lynch has his camera ready when a


Cab Taking Illegal U-Turn Almost Hits Biker, Cop Immediately Pulls Cab Over

Does Karma really exist? If you ask Bill Walsh, he'd probably say so. While biking down Pennsylvania Ave a Prius


Crazy Scary Taxi Driver Prank

NSFW Warning - Content  In less than a week, BlackBoxTV has garnered over 800,000 views with their terrifying Cab Ride Prank video. In


Two Men In Suits Fight Over Taxi Cab

It's probably been done too many times to count in movies and TV, but has anyone actually seen two people


Russian Road Rage Stalemate

After getting into a who-cut-off-who situation, one car blocked the other and exited the vehicle to teach them a lesson.


Taxi Driver Saves Girl Who Falls Through Weak Pavement In China

British news website Telegraph brings us this report of a schoolgirl in China who was literally swallowed by the sidewalk. CCTV caught


Taxi Dave Rap Spoof – Black And Yellow Cab

Taxi Dave in Sacramento, California turned to the Internet to star in his very own parody commercials. He connected the dots


Michael Jackson Beatbox Impersonator In Brazil

Apparently Michael Jackson didn't die. He just got a new face and moved to Brazil to drive a taxi cab.


Muslim Praying On His Cab Trunk

In New York City, everything has been done before. But this is still random and cool. A taxi driver prays on