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I freaking love cake – Kid


How To Make A Delicious Looking Motherboard Cake

Rosanna Pansino got over half a million views within a day on her new video featuring the making of a


$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

After Korean BBQ, salmon, hot dogs, steaks, pizza, burger and sushi BuzzFeed tackles cakes this time. And I don't even


World Record: 72,585 Candles On A Birthday Cake

If you ever happen to turn 72,584 years old - don't worry! There is always a cake big enough to


Amazing Cake: Olaf From Frozen

Another perfect cake from Yolanda / How To Cake It! This time she creates an awesome looking and probably tasting

Creepily Realistic Halloween Leg Cake

How To Cake It mastermind Yolanda has done it again. This time she creates a stunning and very bloody leg


Super Mario Brothers On A Cake

Super Mario Brothers is without a doubt the most famous video game out there. The first stage, 1-1, has been


Color Changing Cake Will Mesmerize You

Pictures and art that change color based on how the light hits them is nothing new. Every kid had a


Bulldog Is Adorably Unsure Of Birthday Cake

Nearly every human around the world understands what a cake with a candle on top means. It's your birthday! But's


Toddler Covered In Frosting Adorably Denies Eating Cake

At a very young age, kids learn to not tell mom and dad when they sneak sweets. So when Dave T.


Adorable Toddler Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle

A baby's first birthday is exciting for the parents and grandparents, but the baby really isn't aware of what's going


Parents Build Optimus Prime Birthday Cake That Actually Transforms

Thanks to the Internet, talented parents who create stunning themed birthday cakes can show the world their work. But Russellmunro and his