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Hexagon Cake Knife Is A Great Nerdy Tool

Engineering nerd Matthias Wandel and his girlfriend Rachel love creating unique and nerdy tools. After baking a delicious cake, they thought why do


Mom Of Six Boys Freaks Out When She Discovers The Gender Of Her 7th Baby

Cher is already a mother of six boys . Now, she and her husband are pregnant again and are hoping for a


Star Wars Jedi Babies Adorably Battle Over Cup Cake

Like most nerdy fathers, Oscar Rene wanted to introduce Star Wars to his kids at a young age. So he made this


Cake Decorating Robots Are Here

Baking a cake is simple compared to frosting and decorating right. One slip up and the entire cake can be


Harvard Students Invent Microwavable Spray Cake Batter

Have you ever wanted a bite of cake, but weren't interested in measuring, mixing, and baking an entire cake? Well,


The Scientific Way To Cut Cake

The Internet loves math, science, and food. Math channel Numberphile has merged these obsessions into one viral video that has already garnered


Oldest Brother Can’t Help But Cry When He Discovers Mom Is Pregnant With Another Girl

Jason and Tiffany Mertlich have two girls and boy, and are pregnant with a fourth kid. To reveal the gender of


Baseball Smashing Cake Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Special effects masters Tumba Ping Pong Show only need 20 seconds to blow your mind.  In their latest piece, a pitcher


Woman Ices And Serves Cake On The Subway

The New York City subway is not a social place. One does not talk to strangers on the train.  But


Pyrotechnics Engineer Gets Exploding Birthday Cake Surprise

David Banks just turned fifty and has been working with explosives and pyrotechnics for years now. So naturally, at his


Gabriel Iglesias Stars On Epic Meal Time Fastfood Cake Episode

Extra big and fluffy Internet famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias made a special visit to the crazy boys at Epic Meal


Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake

People still haven't had enough of Angry Birds. Six year old Ben received this epic PLAYABLE Angry Birds cake. Happy