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Little Girl Lets Her Pet Baby Cow In The House

This little girl really loves her pet baby cow. When her mom wasn't looking the five year old let the calf into…

Elephants Dramatically Save Young Calf Pulled By Powerful River Current

In this suspenseful video taken by Kicheche Laikipia safari guest Sandy Gelderman, two elephants help save a baby calf from the powerful…

Baby Giraffe Calf Stands For First Time

Dani Raske reports that a 6 year old endangered Rothschild giraffe named Petal gave birth last Friday to a happy, healthy baby at…

What Baby Rhinos Sound Like

This video is from 2010, but just recently had an extra surge in viewership after being featured on SayOMG. Every…

Mountain Biker Saves Calf Stuck In Canal

A mountain biker found a baby cow stuck in a canal separated from the herd. Being the awesome human he is, he…



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