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Disguised Jeff Gordon Test Drives In A Camaro Pranking The Car Salesman

Pepsi and NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon teamed up to pull a fast one on a local car salesman.  Under hidden camera, Chevy


Chevy Camaros On 32 Inch Rims

Ridiculously over sized wheels is a cliche in the hip hop world that is still a popular trend. But the


Chevy Camaro Graduation Gift Super Bowl Commercial

There are few gifts better than a brand new car for a graduate, especially a sweet Chevy Camaro. Too bad


Chevy Transformers 3 Super Bowl Commercial

The commercial starts out like a cheap, local car dealership commercial. A mascot bangs on a yellow Camaro, and, lo


Camaro Hits Police Car, Burns Out Wheels

The woman driving the white Camaro is having a bad day. But if you're pulled over, it's best to turn


Cell Phones Dropped On Camaro – PaceButler Recycle CellPhone Commercial

A 1500 lb palette is dropped on a 90's Chevy Camaro. It's an obvious viral video marketing commercial ploy for


2012 Chevy Camaro Z28 Driving

The checkered paint job is supposed to hide the new, special body features. The engine sounds sweet.