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Batman Gets Pulled Over by The Cops

So maybe the caped crusader had some lives to save or maybe his foot got a little too heavy on


Canadian Skeet Shooting

The Real Berta Boys invented their very own version of skeet shooting. Looks like fun and already got over 100,000


Doorbell Cam Records As Firefighters Battle To Save House

As you most likely know, large portions of Canada are burning, specifically Fort McMurray. Firefighters are doing everything they can to


John Oliver Discusses The 2015 Canadian Election

America is obsessed with politics. Well, that's not entirely true. Here in the US we are obsessed with our politics. Even


‘Truck Train’ Transporting Giant Cylinder For Petroleum Industry In Canada

The tar sands in Canada has become a huge source of petroleum in Canada. Just how huge? Josh was shocked and just


Canadian Workers Cheer After They Discover They Won The Lottery

Many small companies buy into the lottery as a fun group game. No one ever expects to really win. But one


Canada Hiker Defends Himself From Two Cougars

Canadian hiker Donny Stone was going for a run in Northern Alberta when he stumbled into a very serious situation. Two


Doggy Day At The Public Pool Is Adorable

Every pet owner knows that dogs love the water. Sadly, most of us don't own our own pool and the public


Canadian Guy Makes The Most Epic Political Ad Ever

In America, politic ads seem to always follow the same formula. Either the candidate will brag about their accomplishments and


Road Rage In Canada Is Simply Adorable

Road rage can be a scary, serious issue. There are countless videos online as proof. But things are always nicer in


Canadian Rap Diss Music Video

Of all the countries out there, Canada has one of the best reputations online. They're basically a nicer, more bashful version


Homeowner’s House Is Completely Destroyed By AirBnB Renters

Countless people with a spare house or bedroom post their vacant accommodations on AirBnB to rent out short term. But one