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World Record: 72,585 Candles On A Birthday Cake

If you ever happen to turn 72,584 years old - don't worry! There is always a cake big enough to…

Slow Mo Guys Challenge: Air Pistol Vs Candle

The Slow Mo Guys have a little fun with an air pistol and lots of candles. Who can shoot it…

Bulldog Is Adorably Unsure Of Birthday Cake

Nearly every human around the world understands what a cake with a candle on top means. It's your birthday! ButĀ's…

Adorable Toddler Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle

A baby's first birthday is exciting for the parents and grandparents, but the baby really isn't aware of what's going…

How To Make 5 Homemade Emergency Candles

The cold weather is here, and that means snow and even blizzards. In case you ever lose power and are…

Little Girl Can’t Blow Out Candle

This video from the end of 2009 has slowly been growing in popularity, and now is finally going viral, showing…


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