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Captain Europe Is Back

So America has "Captain America" but what about Europe? PistolShrimps did invent "Captain Europe" in the summer and comes back


How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

Sick of all the superheroes movies at the box office? If you are, apparently you are alone, as they continue


Captain America: Civil War Trailer Made On A Budget

The newest Marvel movie is finally in theaters, Captain America: Civil War. Have you seen it yet? Just the trailer has


Captain America’s Biggest Flaw

Captain America is an all American hero. He's stands for everything that makes America great. But movie critic Desmond Drake noticed that while


Super Heroes VS Video Game Heroes

There are no superheros as epic and super as Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America. But what about the video game


Captain America Statistics Song

America used to be renown around the world for its vibrant economy, advanced healthcare, and strong education system. Sadly, we


Cool Facts About Captain America

Hollywood has a new Superhero to obsess over. Well, he's really an old Superhero. Captain America actually debuted way back


Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer

Captain America is back! Which is no surprise as even the marginally successful films almost always have a sequel these


Craftsman Makes Real Replica Of Captain America’s Shield

At the start of April, new channel on the block Awe Me Channel went viral with their 3D Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art video,


Military Dad Disguised As Captain America Surprises Young Son

The Internet's official tearjerker, TheWelcomeHomeBlog, features special videos of military personal reuniting with their family. This very special Captain America


Captain America F**k Yea Trailer Mash Up

The theme song of Team America: World Police sums up this movie perfectly. It's almost like Hollywood makes 'patriotic' movies


Filming Captain America – Chris Evans Running In Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Chris Evans, playing the role of Captain America, chases a yellow taxi in England at the filming of the film.