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Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete Barrier

Car Trapped Between Semi Truck and Concrete Barrier Car accidents are very common these days, but even though we hear


Three Car Literal Pile Up

Accident Ends with a Pile Up of Three Cars Today we have a pretty crazy video taken on thanksgiving. Here


Can’t Hear Honking Because of Headphones

Guy With Headphones Can't Hear Honking A video showing how a guy walking with earphones on crosses a street without


ATV Head on Collision with a Car

We have no idea how this guy not only gets up, but only receives a couple of bruises from this


Drive In Fail

No clue how this person got themselves into this situation, but after watching the video, they definitely can't get out


Woman Ejected From Her Car During High Speed Pursuit

A well executed PIT Maneuver brings a high speed chase to an end and the driver gets ejected from her


Car Singalong Ends In Disaster After Tire Explodes

Whenever you decide to go for a drive on the highway, you should always check your tires with a tire


City Bus Driver Purposefully Smashes Into Biker

An English bus driver in Bristol has been jailed for 17 months after purposefully crashing into a pedestrian cyclist. CCTV