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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Woman Ejected From Her Car During High Speed Pursuit

A well executed PIT Maneuver brings a high speed chase to an end and the driver gets ejected from her…

Murder Suspect and Police Officer Open fire

The Las Vegas Metropolitan police recently published dash cam footage from an indecent earlier this month. A murder suspect opened…

Arrested Driver Gives Hilarious Interview After High Speed Chase

A┬ádriver decided to run after being pulled over by a cop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In the end, the…

Fast & Furious Car Chase Remade With Remote Control Cars

At first glance, this realistic┬ácar chase may look like it came directly out of one of the Fast & Furious…

The Cliche Action Chase In Miniature

Hollywood has done it so many time, most of us are bored stiff of it. What is it? The cliche…


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