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This Is What Happens When You Forget To Close The Sun Roof In A Car Wash

Every time you go for a car wash, the attendant or robot tells you put the car in neutral and


World’s Best And Most Expensive Car Cleaner

Most of us are lucky if we even own a decent car and might take it to the local car wash


Monkey Loses Her Mind Riding Through Car Wash

There are countless videos of children riding through the car wash for their first time. Most of them understandably freak


Manager Accidetally Goes For A Ride On Spinning Brush In Car Wash

Once the car become common, the automatic mechanical car wash quickly followed. At the Pitstop Carwash in LA, the manager made


Pigeon Prank Outside Car Wash

Popular French prankster Rémi GAILLARD has a coming out March 5.  He just published this short clip from the film of an


Old Man In The Trunk At The Car Wash Prank

YouTube prankster Jack Vale teamed up with Uncle John to prank some patrons of a car wash. After dropping off their car with