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Brothers Being Bad

14 November, 2018



Skydiving In A Car

Skydiving is by definition only for the brave. But what happens when you add a car into the mix? Would


Video Shows Venus Williams’ Car Being Struck

This security camera footage doesn't leave much to the imagination. [embed][/embed]


Car Gadgets Put To The Test

Lots of them on the market, handy or just pure garbage. Discover what's what in this car gadget compilation! [embed][/embed]


Nicest Car Horn Ever

What if you can have a custom horn in your car for every particular traffic situation? Well, you can, but


I Love My Baby

Don't you just love a car with lots of space in the trunk.


This Is The Best Car Dealer Commercial Ever (Because Of The Dog)

Are dogs good salesmen? I don't think so, but the voice-over here makes this dog sound like a tough but

Meme, Video

The hell am I scraping on? – Oh a leaf


This Is The Most Entertaining Sport Of The Year 2017, And It Involves A Lot Of Cars

The Russians are known to think out of the box regularly, and they prove this once again in this video.


High-Speed Police Chase Ends In Insane Fashion

Doug Warner KSLA uploaded this video showing us a Hollywood-like ending of a police pursuit, gathering over 18 million views


Woman Limbos Under Car

To quote famous philosopher Lil Jon: get low, get low, get low, get low... "This woman stood next to a


Sea Lion Makes Himself Comfortable On The Roof Of A Car

Melanie Sceva recoreded the proof that you should never leave your car unattended when sea lions are near. :) "A


Hilarious Trick To Never Lose Your Car In A Parking Lot Again

A clever and easy to do life hack by Chootavao that got him to find his car a lot easier


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