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Stunning Card Illusions By Zach Mueller

Kuma Films visited Zach Mueller to catch some of his "California Caristry". His original tricks and illusions in this video


Learn 4 Amazing Christmas Magic Tricks

If you need to entertain the family over the holidays, maybe this card tricks performed and explained by Oscar Owen


David Blaine Shocks Jimmy Fallon with Magic Tricks

Do you remember David Blaine? He got to visit the Tonight Show and show a few little tricks. And a


Irish Bloke Performs Card Trick Story At The Pub

Different versions of this card trick with a story line have been done before, but that doesn't make this video


‘Black Belt’ Playing Card Shuffler Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, you've seen some people attempt to wow you with their playing card shuffling tricks and jazz. But few can


Magician Wows Judges On Britain’s Got Talent With Amazing Card Trick

After so many years of singing and talent shows on television, most viewers and judges have 'Got Talent' burn out. So you


Playing Card Shuffling Art Will Blow Your Mind

Virtuoso specializes in gorgeous, stunning playing card shuffling flair. Because they prefer to only launch high quality content, they take their time


Magician Performs Yoga Magic Card Trick

With so many magicians out there, you really have to do something special to stick out from the crowd. The Amazing Barry


Back To The Future Magic Tricks

Who doesn't love the 1980's classic movie franchise Back To The Future? Most citizens of the Web grew up on


Psychic Card Trick

Can psychic magic be real? Illusionist Eric Leclerc somehow performs a mind blowing magic card trick through the screen that


Shawn Farquhar’s Card Trick Shocks Penn On Penn And Teller Fool Us

This clip from the magic competition show Penn and Teller Fool Us is trending again now. Magician Shawn Farquhar shocked Penn, Teller,


New Year’s Kissing Card Trick At Times Square

Online prankster and magician Stuart Edge hit up New York City's Times Square for his New Year's Kissing Card Trick. After enlisting a