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David Blaine Performs Magic Card Trick For Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul

To promote the new magic special David Blaine: Real or Magic airing November 19 at 9:30|8:30c, TV channel ABC posted this teaser video that the web simply…

Amazing Card Trick Bet You Will Always Win

Trickster Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is back with a quick card trick bet that you can never lose.  Simply take 20 playing…

Silent Street Magician

Inspired by silent Teller of the magician duo Penn and Teller, Evan of DisturbReality took to the crowded streets to perform silent…

Magic Proposal Card Trick

Every girl is waiting for the guy of their dreams, right? So to speed things up Stuart Edge approached complete strangers and…

The Grid Magic Card Trick

Quirkology founder and math-magician nerd Richard Wiseman has created a new magic card trick called the The Grid. Using special number cards, he…

Australian Magician James Galea Tells Magic Card Trick Story At Show

First this entertainer had the audience try a hand trick. I tried it at home and failed like everyone else,…



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