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Carrie Underwood Goes Carpooling James Corden

When you think of country music, there's one woman who comes to mind. The one and only American Idol country


Bride Sings ‘Look At Me’ To Groom While Walking Down The Aisle

Ryan and Arianna posted this video last August, but it has only exploded online now with over 675,000 new views on


Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones, Carrie Underwood Parody Pop Music With Holidays Twist

In honor of Thanksgiving, Jimmy Fallon and his guests Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood parodied pop music with a holidays twist.  They sang a


Twelve Year Old Boy Has First Kiss With Carrie Underwood On Stage At Concert

It's every boy's dream to kiss his celebrity crush, especially for that kiss to be his first. Twelve year old


Three Year Old Sings Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl In Back Seat Of Car

This three year old niece, and future pop-princess, belts out her best sing along performance to Carrie Underwood's new hit


Steven Tyler, Carrie Underwood – Walk This Way At ACMA’s

Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood blew the crowd away at this year's Academy Country Music Awards. They performed Aerosmith's  Walk