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A Guide To Humans

Humans. How to deal with them? It's hard for ourselves to figure out (or at least for me...), let alone…

This Probably Is Your Tinder Profile, Right?

With Tinder receiving some backlash lately, this video about online dating was bound to happen. [embed][/embed]

Microsoft Paint Is Essential Software For Every Artist

And this is why - how cool is this!? [embed][/embed]

Casually Explained: The Solar System

Solar system complicated? Not with this guy. [embed][/embed]

Scrooge McDuck’s Net Worth Solved

The net worth you've always wanted to know, but never could find an answer for! [embed][/embed]

The Journey Of A Beef Cow

Are you sure you wanna watch this? [embed][/embed]

Chicks Come Running When You Know How To Rap

Learn how to rap. ??? Profit! [embed][/embed]

Casually Explained: Video Games

Video games are those thingies where you play with that thingy. Understood? [embed][/embed]

What Is The Shape Of Space?

Space explained the easy way - with a comic. [embed][/embed]

Why It Sucks To Be A Male Hyena

You might think it's cool to be a hyena, because you're mean as hell and everybody still thinks your an…

Why It’s Hard To Land On Mars

Space is difficult. Except for when it's explained in a cartoon. [embed][/embed]

Have You Met Steve Yet?

This is Steve and Steve likes to live on the wild side of life. [embed][/embed]


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