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Crazy ADD Cartoon

Get ready for an intense dose of ADD. This simple cartoon reminds me of Family Guy or Robot Chicken. It's…

People Blind Folded Can’t Walk In Straight Line

Multiple experiments have been done showing that humans can't go straight when blind folded or in the fog. If we…

Taiwan Cartoon News Makes Reports And Makes Fun Of Sarah Palin

The Internet famous Taiwan animated news gives the full scoop on Sarah Palin and her family. They discuss Willow's Facebook…

8 Things You Never Hear – Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Cartoon

Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane makes an Internet animated short of eight things people never say like that Hilary Duff…

Ryu In The Future

Ryu is one of the most famous fighters in Street Fighter. But what happened to him later after all the…

Cars 2 Trailer

The much anticipated sequel to the Pixar smash hit Cars is coming soon. Now our favorite characters go bigger and…

Quantitative Easing, Printing Money Explained By Two Cartoon Bears

The Federal Reserve which is NOT a federal government entity is America's bank. It is a separate company that runs…

Winnie The Pooh Trailer

Disney brings a classic to the big screen. Winnie The Pooh hits theatres 2011.

Cute Angry Bird Stop Motion Animation

Just a cute short stop motion animation with little birds.

Two Bears Tea Party Conversation Animation Cartoon

A sensible bear talks to a tea party bear trying to figure out what tea partyers really think. It makes…

Classic Cartoon Theme Songs Montage Medley On Acoustic Guitar

All of our favorite classic cartoon themes in one single medley. Fredde Gredde sings the theme songs for Ducktales, Teenage…

Charlie TEH Unicron – Banana King

This is so messed up. I really don't get it.  



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