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Cartoon Music Video Slayer – Criminally Insane

Haha, these little devils look awesome.

Glenn Beck Mickey Mouse – Glenn Beck Responds To Donald Duck Disney Mashup Remix

The video of Glenn Beck scaring Donald Duck went viral, and now Glenn Beck has seen the video. And he's…

Freaky Trippy Cartoon Animation

This my friends, is what have a bad trip on shrooms is like. But you can't stop it in your…

Cat Talks To Hedgehog Short Cartoon

Simon's Cat listens to a hedgehog complain about leaves being stuck to his needles. So Simon's Cat just throws some…

24 Cute Animations Made In 24 Hours

Animater James Lee made these 24 cartoons in just one day. I like the KFC Cornol shooting lasers out of…

Spatula Business Meeting – Totally Gay

A group of spatulas are having a business meeting, when one spatula keeps saying, 'totally gay!' I don't know why…

How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended

We finally see the way The Empire Strikes Back was intended to end. Darth Vader is thrilled to learn about…

Short Animated Film About Belgium

And you thought America was complicated. Here's a short cartoon explaining why Belgium is so complicated.

T-Rex Annoys Friend Cartoon

A reincarnation of Saddam Hussein dinosaur annoys her friend by calling him constantly. This whole cartoon annoys me.

The Loner – Short Picture Story

I love this guys style of drawing the pictures and talking in a monotone voice. Tales Of Mere Existence presents…

Stanley And The Pineapple

Stanley walking down the street meets some talking fruit.

Llamas With Hats Part 3

Llamas With Hats is a viral video series that boggles the mind. From the creators of Charlie The Unicorn and…


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