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Update On Casey Neistat’s Beme Company

Casey updates us regularly on his life and businesses, and in this one he explains an important step forward for his


Casey Neistat Went Bowling In The White House Basement

If you get a mail of someone claiming, he'd work at the White House, offering you an evening with bowling


Casey Neistat Does Human Droneboarding

Another epic video by YouTuber Casey Neistat. This time he hangs itself onto a giant drone and flys over a


Wakeboarding In A Tuxedo In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netheralands, is famous for a lot of things. Anyone who has visited the city notices


Snowboarding In NYC After #Blizzard2016

Now that the blizzard has finally subsided, the entire east coast is digging themselves out of one, two, and even three


The $12 McDonald’s Burger Is A Beast

McDonald's is in a tough situation. After seemingly growing and expanding for decades, the world famous American burger chain has


How To Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Gold One

Apple fans are buzzing now that the new Apple Watch has finally been released. Most users will buy the intro


Life Explained In 27 Seconds

The complexities and purpose of life have been discussed since the ancient philosophers of Greece and Rome. But it's not that


Man Finds Out His Wife’s Water Broke When He Was Out Of Town

Film maker Casey Neistat was in San Francisco for work even though his wife was extremely pregnant in Houston because they didn't


Google Glass Is Only Good For The Camera Short Film

Most people have heard of the facial mini-computer called Google Glass, but few have ever seen or used one. Filmmaker Casey Neistat got his hands


Why Snapchat Is Overtaking Facebook

As all online veterans know, first there was Friendster which MySpace dethroned. Then Facebook conquered MySpace. Since then, there have been many social


Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines In New York?

It used to be every time Apple introduced a new product die hard fans would camp outside of their local Apple store