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Baby and cat preciously cuddle with each other

Baby and cat preciously cuddle with each other

[rumble][/rumble] Check out these two buddies sharing some down time together. Cuteness overload! More

Man Serenades Cat with Sweet Song on Piano

Man Serenades Cat with Sweet Song on Piano

[rumble][/rumble] I'm playing the piano, this cat approaches and listens to every note. The last kiss is sweet. More

Car and Cat Collide in Colorado

Car and Cat Collide in Colorado

[rumble][/rumble] Occurred in Boulder Canyon on June 15, 2019. Colorado Parks and Wildlife and State Patrol were notified, but since…

Cat is a Cute Little Climber

Climbing Cat is Too Cute This big fluffy climbing cat is too cute. In this video we get to watch…

Feline Fails of the Month

Some people are cat lovers and others think that cats want to steal their souls and prefer the company of…

Cat’s Desk Isn’t The Same Anymore

Cats are very precise creatures. Look at the way the clean their paws or how they watch everyone and everything…

Cat Sneezes Big During Movie

There are a dozen ways to express your disapproval of a movie. And while most of us prefer to do…

Cat Sublets Out Its Tail To Dogs

Cats are known to be quite ignorant sometimes, while dogs are often overly enthusiastic about the most banal stuff. Put…

Kitten Plays, Dog Sleeps: A Lovestory

Cats and dogs do have very similar skillsets. They excel at sleeping, eating and playing. But when a cat and…

Ferocious Cat Battles The Mailman Through The Mail Slot

If it's not a huge discount on cat food, cats have zero interest in incoming mail. This cat doesn't bother…

Save Money With Your Cat

Cats expensive? You might be in for a surprise here. Of course, it still going to cost you something, but…

Stray Cat Saves Baby’s Life

A lot of people aren't very fond of stray animals, and that can be for good reason. They can be…


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