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‘Thought Leader’ Gives Every TED Talk Ever

Back when Facebook was still kind of hip and cool, there was one thing that everyone shared at least a few…

Doggy Day At The Public Pool Is Adorable

Every pet owner knows that dogs love the water. Sadly, most of us don't own our own pool and the public…

Road Rage In Canada Is Simply Adorable

Road rage can be a scary, serious issue. There are countless videos online as proof. But things are always nicer in…

Five Year Old Piano Prodigy Ryan Wang Performs Private Concert For 101 Year Old Grandma

Ryan Wang is only five years old, but he's already world famous for his impressive piano skills. He's starred in…

Girls Falls While Texting Caught On News Camera

Remember the woman who fell into the mall fountain because she was texting and not looking where she was walking?…



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