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Little Girl And Her Pet Duck Are The Cutest

Sure, kittens and puppies are cute, but there's just something special about Ducklings. Perhaps it's because they are more rare as


Man Who Saved Baby Reunites With Her 58 Years Later

While hunting in Southern Indiana as a teenager with his grandpa in 1955, Dave Hickman heard a strange noise uncommon for the


David Letterman Announces He’s Retiring From The Late Show

A new generation of television is here. Jimmy Fallon just recently took over the legendary Tonight Show on NBC after Jay


Dad Builds Son Prosthetic Hand With 3-D Printer

Leon McCarthy was born missing his fingers on his left hand because of restrictive blood flow in the womb. But with


Walter Cronkite In 1967 Tours ‘The Home Office Of 2001’

Back in the 60's, CBS had an interesting show about the exciting future, The 21st Century, hosted by the famous TV


SodaStream Unaired Coke VS Pepsi Superbowl Commercial Banned By CBS

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbonation soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm. For the Superbowl


Victoria’s Secret Models Lip Sync Justin Bieber’s Beauty And A Beat Music Video

To promote their upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 airing on December 4 on CBS, the world famous lingerie company published


The Big Bang Theory Call Me Maybe Flash Mob

In just one day, CBS has garnered over two million views on their 'The Big Bang Theory Flash mob' video. During


Newsman Lets Slip Surprise Birthday Party For Co-Anchor On National TV

On CBS's The Early Show, Jeff Glor made a slip and accidently referenced to Erica Hill’s 35th birthday that was coming up


Ted Williams Man With Gold Radio Voice On Early Show

Ted Williams, the man with the golden radio voice has gone viral in just a couple days. Millions have seen


Girl Face Plant – Live To Dance

It seems that talent show type shows are still all the rage these days ever since American Idol. Paula Abdul


Justin Bieber – CSI Premiere Viral Video Clip

Justin Bieber is making a guest appearance on the premiere of CSI on September 23. Will parents let their little