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History Of The Violin

The violin is one of the oldest musical instruments. Where would classical music be without the violin? but more importantly, where


History Of The Saxophone

Of all woodwind instruments, the saxophone maybe the most popular and famous. The sax, named after its 1840 inventor Adolphe


History Of Jazz Piano

The musical nerds at CDZA want viewers to know more about the jazz piano. It all started at the turn


History Of Women Moving On In Pop Music Medley

CDZA just offered the history of men moving on in pop music over the decades in honor of Valentine's Day.


History Of Men Moving On Medley

Since the 1960's, men have found solace in music after being dumped. CDZA put together this medley through time in honor


The Story Of The Bass Through History

The bass is a deep sounding background instrument, but that doesn't make it any less essential. Throughout history, it has


Accordion Party Music From Around The World

The accordion is truly a global instrument. Before there was techno and deep bass party music, there was the accordion.


Intro To Drums: Rock VS Jazz

Popular online music group CDZA started their first educational music series with their Journey Of The Guitar Solo Through Time. Now, they


Journey Of The Guitar Solo Through Time

After rock and roll became mainstream in the 50's, the guitar solo became a standard in music.  The musical nerds


The Best, Most Relaxing Morning Of Your Life Prank

Most people pay no attention to the street musicians in the Big Apple. The musical hipsters at CDZA wanted to change


Justin Timberlake “My Love” In 13 Genres

In just one minute, the musical geniuses at CDZA cover Justin Timberlake in 13 different music genres. From polka, to dubstep,


Musical Puns Medley

The creative and out of the box musical hipsters at CDZA have returned to the web with a new serving