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Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year

Bike Rigged with Fireworks to Celebrate New Year Well we got a cool strange video for the world today. This


Watch Sydney’s Cool New Year’s Eve 2016 Midnight Fireworks

This video of the midnight fireworks downunder is trending right now with a quarter million views already. So if your

Soccer Player Gets Yellow Card for Twerking

This is ridiculous! Major League player Kei Kamara did celebrate his goal by twerking in front of the fans and


NASA Headquarters Celebrating After Curiosity Rover Successful Touchdown

The Mars rover Curiosity landing was not your everyday space mission. The mission had to be perfected to the millimeter for the craft


Soccer Players Celebrate As Human Toilet

After a goal in this football game, three players create a human toilet, complete with seat. The player who made