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Emoji Game Of Thrones

What if you had to retell the entire third season of Game of Thrones via text message on your smartphone? 


Cellphone Crashing At Disneyland

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films basically invented cellphone crashing. What exactly is that?  It's when you approach a perfect stranger on


How To Secretly Play On Your Smartphone In Class

Gone are the days of doodling and secretly reading comic books in class. Today, students have smartphones to distract themselves


Google Reveals Project Tango

Google has only started taking over the world.  After taking on ambitious projects such as Google Fiber and Glass, the


How To Beat Flappy Bird

has taken the smartphone gaming world by storm, quickly surging to the top app on both the Apple iTunes and


Guessing People’s Cellphone Pass Codes Prank

Back in November, Jack Vale went viral by taking advantage of people's lax social media security. Now, he's returned with


Tim Tebow No Contract T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Tim Tebow has no contract, so why would you want one? The popular football star is featured in this T-Mobile Super


Get Off The Phone Song

Young and old, it seems everyone is on their mobile devices while out and about. Have we all become addicted


Creepy Ghost Zombie Girl Walks By In Camera Phone Prank

In honor of Halloween, popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale contrived one of his spookiest pranks yet. While on the boardwalk,


How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number

How to get a girl's number? It's the question on the mind of so many teenagers. Luke and his buddies


Cell Phone Battle

Remember the golden era of mobile phoning? That short period of time when everyone you knew finally had one of


Stampeding Horde Fights Over Cell Phones At Walmart Black Friday 2012

This is one of those videos that there are countless copies of, but no one is sure who the original