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Crashing Cellphone Conversations At The Park Prank

Online prankster Greg of Mediocre Films tried out his Cell Phone Crashing prank again for the second time at a park in San Francisco, California. 


Asking To Borrow People’s Cell Phone And Then Running Away Prank

Now that pay phones have been almost completely wiped out, what is one supposed to do if they lose their


Angry Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In England

With so many teens racking up hundreds of dollars in cell phone texting bills, it's amazing there aren't more fathers


Violinist Copies Cell Phone That Rings During Concert

This video is from the past summer, but only went viral now, amassing 600,00 views in just the past week.


I’m Yours By Jason Mraz Covered On Cell Phones

Everyday a new smart phone debuts with more power, more technology, and cooler features, but one will need a boring


Bride Texting At Her Own Wedding Ceremony

Most brides are nervous, excited, and/or serious during their wedding ceremony. But this bride doesn't seem phased at all that


Saved By The Bell Cell Phone Evolution

Back when cell phones were a brand new phenomenom, it was an exciting thing to see people on TV using


Vintage Footage Of First Mobile Phone

Back in the raging 20's, the phone had finally become standard, and people were trying to find the next big


Hand Choreography Dance Samsung Commercial

This commercial from Samsung France for their new Samsung galaxy S II is simple, but oh so good. A man


Tennis Player’s Cell Phone Rings During Match

Tennis matches are all serious. It's one of the few sports where crowd noise is looked down upon. Cell phones


Grocery Shopping In Subways With Cellphones

A grocery chain in South Korea made a genius business step. They put gorgeous, realistic looking posters all over subway


Will I Am Checks His Own Lyrics On Phone During French Performance

The Black Eyed Peas performed with European artist, Stromae, mixing their songs, Alors On Danse and Don't Stop The Party.