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Creepy Barbie Commercial For Nokia N8 Pink Phone

Marketers at Nokia decided to go crazy and burn millions of dollars making a nightmare of a commercial. For their


Cheesy 90’s Girls Rap About Phone Manners

When you see a video from the 90's, you know when it's from. The horrible 'special effects', the generic beats,


Evolution Of Mobile Cell Phones Vodafone Commercial

Vodafone made a commercial showing the steps mobile phones have take through the years. It starts with the classic original,


Doug Gottlieb’s Phone Rings During Brackets Report

Doug Gottlieb is giving his two cents on March Madness brackets when he slips up. Then his phone rings on


Techno Windows Phone Commercial – We Love WP7

When did commercials stop saying what the product does and can do, and started just flashing craziness everywhere? Microsoft begins


No One In Line For Verizon iPhone At Apple Store Opening

When the iPhone 4 first launched there were lines stretching far, and it was an exciting nerd event. This is


Verizon iPhone Commercial

It's coming! Finally! Apple fan boys and girls rejoice. The iPhone is finally available on the Verizon Wireless network.


Cell Phones Dropped On Camaro – PaceButler Recycle CellPhone Commercial

A 1500 lb palette is dropped on a 90's Chevy Camaro. It's an obvious viral video marketing commercial ploy for


Windows 7 Commercial – The Future of Technology, Lost Generation Parody

Microsoft copies a classic viral video of the Lost Generation. Reading it on the way down it's a negative message,


Android, Windows 7, iPhone Grilled

Only in America we burn expensive, and also toxic consumer electronics just for kicks. Which smart phone will die first


World’s Simplest Cell Phone

Everyone is trying to go hi tech with their cell phones, but this Dutch designer went the other direction. His


T-Mobile myTouch VS iPhone Piggyback Commercial

T-Mobile offers 4g face chatting without wi-fi. With an iPhone, your stuck with AT&T and can only use facetime with