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White iPhone 4 Promo Commercial Spoof

Apple fanboys are up in arms because Apple cancelled their much anticipated white iPhone. Who cares what color the outside is?


Romanian Subway Beggar’s Phone Rings

This guy sounds sad, miserable, and poor. He even has the poor beggar swaying down tight. But then there's a


HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Commercial

The HTC HD7 is a  Windows Phone 7 that has a 4.3'' crisp screen and even has a pull out stand


Nokia N8 Commercial – Hamster Powered Phone Charger

This commercial shows a bunch of crazy things you can do with the new Nokia N8. But I highly doubt that


Thailand Anti-Cell Phone Commercial: Disconnect To Connect

In this commercial, we are shown person after person alone on their smart phones, with objects that seem to move


Asian Multi Cell Phone Light Up Wedding Proposal

These super nerds take tons of cell phones and proper algorithms to makes the coolest self made light up show


Asian Teacher Smashes Student’s Phone – FAKE Viral Video

A video of an Asian teacher smashing a student's cell phone because he was talking in class is going viral.


Asian Teacher Breaks Student’s Cell Phone

There are a few of these online, some real, some fake. This maybe either, but it's still hilarious. The fact