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Father Shows Daughter Video Proof Of Santa’s Visit

What a lovely idea! Michał Mogiła wanted to give his daughter her faith in Santa back, so he taped his

Real-Life Super Mario Galaxy

Awesome usage of 360 camera equipment and a little "planet morphing" by Corridor Digital. Little Mario and Luigi jumping from


Epic Drone Race At Night Is A Real Life Racing Video Game

It's truly amazing how much drones have advanced in just the past couple years. Already, many enthusiasts are starting drone


Gun Juggler Short Film

It's amazing. Special effects that were once groundbreaking and cost Hollywood studios countless millions of dollars to make can now


Kid’s Imagination While Playing On Boat Comes To Life

The power of the imagination of a child is truly infinite. What kid doesn't dream of riding giant stormy waves


Restaurant Table Turns Into Digital Short Film While Guests Wait For Their Meal

There's nothing worse than waiting for your dinner when you're very hungry. To help pass the time, the techno-nerds at Skullmapping designed


Take A Virtual Ride On The World’s Next Record Breaking Roller Coaster

It seems like every summer, a new amusement park becomes the short lived record holder for offering the biggest, fastest, or


Why CGI Sucks In Movies, Except When It Doesn’t

One of the biggest complaints about modern movies is the overuse of CGI, or computer generated imagery. Many fans will


Spider Emerging From Banana Is Your Worst Nightmare

Most people have heard that you swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep. Thankfully that 'fact' isn't true at all,


Lucky Kid Gets A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Since he was such a good kid this year, Action Movie Kid got what he really wanted for Christmas. Sure, he was


The Lord Of The Rings Mythology Perfectly Explained

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy book and movie series. But if you're not


Driver Passes By Crashed TIE Fighter On The Highway

This short video was posted by German channel Dien Sky Film yesterday and it has already amassed over 4 million views