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The Simple Solution To Traffic

Everyone hates traffic. It's one of the worst parts about living in a big city. There are few things that


Your Brain Is Really Two Brains

Philosophers and scientists have been studying the human mind for centuries and learned long ago that the brain is made up


The Trouble With Star Trek Transporters

Star Trek has entertained and amazed viewers for decades. One of the coolest parts of the show that has been around


The History Behind Domesticating Horses

Animals have been apart of the human experience since the times of cavemen. But have you ever wondered why we domesticated


Who Owns Really Antarctica

For some time now, every tiny piece of land on earth has been found, and thus claimed. But what about


That Flag Everyone Wants To Take Down Actually Isn’t The Confederate Flag

There's been a lot of talk about removing the Confederate flag from government buildings in the South ever since the


This Video Will Make You Angry

Popular Internet nerd and educator CGP Grey explains how ideas and thoughts spread from person to person in the same way


The One Ring Explained

Even fans of the popular Lord of the Rings series can easily become confused and lost in the expansive world


The Lord Of The Rings Mythology Perfectly Explained

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy book and movie series. But if you're not


Explaining The American Empire

We all know about the continental United America and the two states disconnected, that is Alaska and Hawaii. But what


Your Family Tree Explained

Everyone understands how families work when dealing with three generations. There's kids and parents. The parents of the parents are


Explanation Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality

Many online users may be familiar with the term 'net neutrality' as it and SOPA were hot topics in 2012.