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This Epic Chain Reaction Trick Shot Runs Through A Whole Bar

Why just make a trick shot on ONE pool table? How boring... Try a dozen! Like in this epic trick…

Playing Dominoes With Bricks

If you tend to get bored while working in the mid-December sun in Australia, you get crazy ideas. Like these…

Epic 11,000 Domino Colosseum

Hevesh5 is "professional Domino Artist". And when the existence of a job title like that isn't crazy enough for you,…

Awesome Long-Distance Rube Goldberg Machine

This is great! In the collaborative Rube Goldberg project titled Common Ground people from five US cities worked together and…

2,014 Mousetraps And 2,015 Ping-Pong Balls Makes For An Epic Reaction

In honor of the new year, Press Association┬áteamed up with Pepsi Max to create this epic chain reaction video. The…



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