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Toyota Helps Food Bank Become More Efficient

George is the warehouse manager at Metro Food Distribution. Every week George leads a team of volunteers to help give


Giving Homeless People $100 Magic Trick

Like countless others, Stuart Edge has jumped on the YouTube prankster bandwagon, regularly posting popular, and often viral, prank videos on his


Giving A Homeless Man $3,000

Back in March, comedy channel Whatever 2ND went viral with a video of a homeless man with a dancing mustache trick. The


Overly Attached Girl Debuts ‘Dare To Share’ Charity

Viral video Internet star Overly Attached Girlfriend is turning her Internet fame into a greater force for good. With the helpful


Flight of Conchords Collaborates With Kids To Write Charity Song Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

The Flight of Conchords splashed into the spotlight when their HBO comedy debuted in 2007. They've been in the shadows for


5 Guys Shot With 21,000 Paintballs To Raise Poverty Awareness In Haiti

PovertyResolutions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the eradication of dollar-a-day poverty in Haiti. To spread awareness, they have posted a number


50 Cent Announces Street King Plan To Feed One Billion Hungry

50 Cent may seem like all 'gangsta,' but he's really a calculated businessman. He made great profits off investing in


American Jewish World Service AJWS Celebrity PSA

A bunch of Jewish and non Jewish celebrities star in a public service  announcement for AJWS asking for donations to help