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Philip DeFranco Got Married And Had An Awesome YouTube Wedding

Most people on YouTube are familiar with Philip DeFranco who hosts the popular Philip DeFranco Show which has over 3.4 million subscribers.


Charles Trippy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Alli

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend Alli of CTFxC have long been the quintessential YouTube couple. They've been going out for years,


YouTube Vlogger Charles Trippy Reveals He Has Brain Cancer

YouTubers are in disbelief after popular vlogger Charles Trippy revealed the results from his brain surgery. He and his wife


Charles Trippy Records His Brain Surgery

Charles Trippy is one of YouTube's original vloggers. He and his wife Alli have been through a lot over the


Vlogger Charles Trippy Announces He Has A Tumor

YouTube vlogger Charles Trippy, who also goes by his screen name CTFxC, is one of YouTube's most famous and favored vloggers. He's so dedicated


Charles Trippy And Ali Get Married

YouTuber Charles Trippy has become some what of an Internet celebrity now that his channel has over 750,000 subscribers. He and his