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Stephen Colbert Is Charlie Brown In The Late Show’s Christmas Special

The Late Show did publish a bit showing host Stephen Colbert in the animated style of Charlie Brown, resulting in


Charlie Brown Peanuts Movie Trailer

The next generation Charlie Brown movie is here! Fox Family Entertainment has just unveiled this new trailer for a CGI, 3D Peanuts


A Charlie Brown Christmas Dance In New York City

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite family tradition during the holidays for many.  That inspired Mashable to recreate the most iconic


Harlem Shake Charlie Brown Peanuts Edition

Already, YouTube is covered with parodies and covers of the now meme-famous Harlem Shake dance. So what makes this spoof


A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion Parody

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas has been an American holiday tradition since it originally aired in 1965. But after so many


Charlie Brown Charlie Sheen Mash Up

Uch, will people ever get over this Charlie Sheen nonsense? Who cares what he does in his private life? But


Snookie Charlie Brown Lewis Black Pistachios Commercial

Pistachios farmers or lobbyist or whomever have a new advertisement campaign for their nuts. First there's Snooki putting a Pistachio