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Woman Ejected From Her Car During High Speed Pursuit

A well executed PIT Maneuver brings a high speed chase to an end and the driver gets ejected from her

Car Chase Timed Perfectly with Beastie Boys Sabotage Playing on the Radio.

Okay, this one is a little older, but got around again in the last days. Pretty dope timing! via: reddit


Police Chase On TV Appears In Front Of One Viewer’s Home

Jason Lee was watching yet another Los Angeles high speed police chase on NBC-LA when a truly serendipitous moment occurred. He took out his smart phone


Little Boy Chased By Hungry Chickens

This little boy is terrified by a huge flock of chickens chasing him. If only he knew that they weren't


Fan Runs On Field At Astros Game, Escapes Police

There have been so many instances when a fan runs on the field and is tackled by security. Actually, often, the audience