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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Slow Dog Fails At Catching Cheerios

This video by nanhayden is over a year old, but has resurfaced over the weekend and is going viral again. The clip,


Cheerios Bee Meets Rapper Nelly Commercial

Just back in May, Cheerios went viral with their controversial advertisement garnering over four million views! Now, the famous cereal brand is trending


Kids React To Controversial Interracial Cheerios Commercial

Remember the interracial Cheerios commercial that went viral and stirred up a storm of controversy around it? Well, the The Fine


Biracial Cheerios Commercial Parody

Two weeks ago, Cheerios exploded online after they debuted their first commercial featuring a biracial family. The original ad now stands


Cheerios Commercial Featuring Interracial Parents

Cheerios has gone viral, receiving both positive and negative reactions, from their new commercial Just Checking. The ad--which features a daughter asking


Anti-Gay Protest Burning Cheerios Stunt Goes Wrong

Like so many companies these days, General Mills has stuck its nose into the gay-marriage debate, supporting equal marriage rights


Baby Shares Her Cheerios With Huge Family Dog

It's been a while since there was a super popular cute baby viral video around, so we're glad to announce