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Nintendo Announces The Return Of Nintendo World Championships

Back in the 1990's, Nintendo was on top of the world. The video game crash of the mid 1980's left


Cheesy Pick Up Lines On Campus

Who would have thought that the secret to a girl's heart is to just drop some seriously cheesy pick up


Valentine’s Day Medley

We all know those songs. The one that always seem to play in romantic comedies and in the make out scenes on TV.


Cheesy 80’s Karate Rap Song

The 80's were a time when early rap and hip hop were slowly seeping into the mainstream. Anyone growing up


Twitter Purposefully Makes Cheesy Recruiting Video

Anyone who had a corporate job in 80's and 90's is all too familiar with corporate training videos. It seems


Fox 8 Cleveland Make Their Very Own Christmas Parody Of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Cleveland, Ohio's Fox 8 producer Jennifer Charlton was trying to think of a way to get into the Christmas spirit when she had


Very Young Stephen Colbert In FirsTier Bank Commercial

YouTuber Ron Patrick said he was spring cleaning and found a VHS with this fantasticly cheesy commercial starring a very young Steven


90’s Bike Safety Rap Song

The late 80's and early 90's was a strange time when hip hop was finally starting to be acceptable for


WNBA Trick Shot Boost Mobile Commercial

To kick off a  huge deal between the WNBA and Boost Mobile, WNBA players Cappie Pondexter and Candice Wiggins starred