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You Probably Aren’t Chilling Out When A Cheetah Jumps Into Your Car, Or Are You?

Cheetahs are majestic as fuck, but best observed from a distance. This guy, however, doesn't take ViralViralVideos' advice too seriously


GoPro View of Cheetah Run

The cheetah is famous as the fastest ground animal in the animal kingdom. If you ever wanted to experience the


Cheetah Cub And Puppy Become Best Friends

At the Metro Richmond Zoo, keepers noticed that one cheetah cub wasn't growing like the others. The veterinarians realized that the


Cheetah Robot Jumps Over Hurdles

What was once science fiction only a few decades ago is becoming science fact today. The scientists and engineers at Massachusetts


Cheetah And Dog Play In Snow

Cats and dogs are arch enemies, right? Well don't tell that to this duo at the Cincinnati Zoo. Savanna the Cheetah


Why You Can’t Outrun A Cheetah

The cheetah has long been known as the world's fastest land animal, but few understand just how incredible the cat


Robot Cheetah Runs 18 MPH, A New Record

DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is one of America's greatest innovating organizations. Recently, they have tested a new


Woman Approaches And Pets Wild Cheetahs

Marlice Van Der Merwe walks right up to a pack of cheetahs in the African wild. They hiss and growl, but