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At the chemistry lab


Milk Vs. Dark Chocolate: The Ultimate Showdown

I really like dark chocolate, others kind stand the taste. The people from Reactions explain to us, why it tastes


Kevin Delaney Lights Jimmy Fallon And The Roots On Fire

Science expert Kevin Delaney fooled about around in the most recent edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon so


8 Beautiful, Weird, And Scary Things Ice Can Do

Olivia Gordon from SciShow presents us a lot of weird ways ice can be used. This trending video already got


Liquid Nitrogen vs. Makeup

Yes, this whole liquid nitrogen thing is trending a lot recently. Even beauty vlogger seem to get around it now,


Science Experiment: Liquid Nitrogen vs Pepsi

Four million views in a day! Mr Gear has done it again, this time with a little help of this


Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Like Orange Juice Taste So Awful?

Simon from Today I Found Out lets you find something out about taste today. Probably everyone hates it to drink


m&m’s Dissolving In Water Looks Beautiful

Look at this beautiful images captured by Beauty Of Science. Yan Liang and Zaoeyo did this 4K time-lapse with a


Crazy Russian Hacker Sets His Hands On Fire

In the newest video of the Crazy Russian Hacker he not only set his own hands on fire with a


3 Awesome Liquid Nitrogen Experiments By CrazyRussianHacker

Another viral video by the Crazy Russian Hacker, this time with some new experiments with liquid nitrogen. This stuff never


Passing Flaming Propane Bubbles Looks Amazing

Dan Clinch, who seems to be a chemistry teacher, uploaded this video showing him pass a flaming ball of propane


Don’t Mix Coke With Liquid Nitrogen!

Another tasty stunt for your entertainment receptors by the CrazyRussianHacker. This time he changes the good old mentos trick a