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Charlie Day Learns To Love Ridiculously Spicy Wings

Another round of "Hot Ones" by First We Feast is trending right now with already over 900,000 views on YouTube.


Ricky Gervais Pits His Mild British Palate Against Spicy Wings

I love Ricky Gervais! No wonder his visit to "Hot Ones" got First We Feast over 900,000 views within hours!


Danny Brown Has An Orgasm Eating Spicy Wings

Nope, this totally original headline is not from me. The guys behind First We Feast chose it for their newest


Magician Literally Starts Smoldering While Eating Hot Wings

Like so many other restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a super hot wing challenge. Eat all the burning hot, hot chicken


Key & Peele Eat Super Spicy Wings During Interview

In just a few years, Key & Peele and jumped into the spot light as one of the funniest comedy duos


Priyanka Chopra And Jimmy Fallon Have A Wing-Eating Contest

Not that long ago, the wing on a chicken was considered rubbish that was tossed or maybe used to make