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Piano Keyboard Gets Played By The Mozart Among Chickens

Playing the piano is often just for a few child prodigies, playing the piano really well that is. Regular playing


If You’re Afraid Of Chickens Or Roosters You Might Want To Skip This One

Everybody is familiar with nightmares involving chickens, right? I can't be the only one, right!!? That is, I thought they

Surprise Chicken in the Car Trunk

I know, I know - this video hasn't gone viral yet. But it has to! And I don't get why

Chicken Playing Piano

Okay, obviously a little seed trick did help making this "Chicken Sonata" - but hell, this sounds pretty damn good!


Magician Literally Starts Smoldering While Eating Hot Wings

Like so many other restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a super hot wing challenge. Eat all the burning hot, hot chicken


18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Will Get You Drooling

Fried chicken is so American, that many people around the world instantly conjure up images of The Colonel when they read


Guy Wakes His Chicken Up

What does every kid learn at a young age? The rooster wakes up the farm by crowing at sunrise. But


Horse And Chickens Are Best Friends

Nancy Elwood went to her horse barn to discover her horse Rocky with a chicken on his head. And Rocky didn't


Farmer Finds Egg Inside Of An Egg

This isn't the first time a video such as this has gone viral online, but that doesn't make this any


You Can’t Not Laugh At This Floating Chicken

Everyone knows that ducks loves swimming and frolicking in water. But what about chickens? Nothd70 and his daughter wanted to find out,


Jimmy Fallon, Alanis Morissette And Meghan Trainor ‘Sing’ Ironic As Chickens

This might be one of Jimmy Fallon's most ridiculous sketches yet. While hosting singers Alanis Morissette and Meghan Trainor, Fallon decided to


John Oliver Discusses Chicken Farming

There's no question that the world's most popular protein is chicken. Every culture has their own spin on the popular



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