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Toddler Imitating How Pregnant Mom Walks Will Brighten Your Day

Toddler Hilariously Demonstrates How Pregnant Mom Walks Here we get to appreciate a 15 month old toddler's very funny moment.


Parents Teach Their Kids About ‘The Birds And the Bees’ For The First Time

Parents around the world all have the same awkward job. They inevitably must teach their children about the birds and the


New York Times Takes Second Graders To One Of New York’s Fanciest Restaurants

The New York Times has realized that you don't go viral with traditional stories anymore, no matter how interesting or factual


Children’s Band Covers ‘Forty-Six And 2’ By Tool

When one thinks of the typical fans of the heavy metal band Tool, children are the last demographic to come


Procter & Gambler Children Athletes Olympics 2012 Tribute

Procter and Gamble hit an emotional home run with their Olympic games mom tribute commercial that currently stands with over 5 million views. Now,


Kids Narrate Planet Earth

The Planet Earth series on BBC has been in the making for five years now, and brings the wonders of


Children Medieval Band Performs Cover Of Rammstein’s Sonne

German rock band Rammstein isn't what most would consider children's music, but the Children Medieval Band aren't most children. The band consists


1984 Sesame Street – What Is A Computer

This vintage Sesame Street clip from 1984 went viral last October, and is resurfacing now after being featured on TheFW.