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Award Winning Short Film About Every Question You’ve Had About Your Life

Since the dawn of mankind, we have wondered what happens after our heart stops beating and we take our last breath.


Terrifying Helmet Camera Footage Captures When Skier Saves His Friend Covered By Avalanche

Skiing is always a somewhat dangerous sport, but it can become deadly when an avalanche is involved. Three friends decided


Feeding Piranhas In A River In Brazil Is Terrifying

In nearly every action movie where the hero travels to the jungle, they often encounter piranha infested waters that they


Terrifying POV Footage Of Ice Climber Falling

Mark Roberts has gone viral after the chilling point-of-view footage from his helmet camera captured during an ice-mountain climbing fall


Monster – Finnish Anti-Drinking PSA Commercial

The Fragile Childhood in Finland is a campaign that highlights the not widely understood harm parental drinking causes children. For some reason,


Chilling Story Of Getting Shot In Detroit

Ross was just your everyday kid in Detroit. He knew to never to go the East Side, even the cops try


Skier Point Of View Of Falling Off Cliff

Two skiers get ready to have some fun down a serious hill. At the 1:00 mark though the skier with