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Dog Advertising A Burger Bar In China

Does he even now his friends are on the menu there?! [embed][/embed]


John Cena speaking Mandarin

We live in a new, much smaller world. China now has a much great influence in the world than ever


Futuristic Bus Straddles Roads Allowing Cars Underneath

Congestion and overcrowding in urban areas is one of the biggest issues for modern cities. And that problem is expected to


Man With No Arms And Blind Man Plant Forest In China

Here's a great story about two men with disabilities that didn't let their shortcomings stop them from achieving their dreams.


Bulldozer Drivers Battle On The Streets of China

One should always exercise extreme care when operating heavy machinery. Apparently, these two bulldozer drivers in China didn't get the


Chinese Toddler Uses Metal Pole To Defend Grandma From Police

This little toddler has gone viral on Chinese social media, and now he's trending in the Western Web as well. Apparently,


Fake Korean Pop Star Prank

It's been done before, but never in China. It seems it doesn't matter where you are in the world. If


Synchronized Martial Arts Training At Chinese Temple Is Stunning

The Tagou Martial Arts School in Anhui province in China is one of the largest and most famous martial arts schools


100 Years Of Chinese Beauty

It seems like Cut Video has covered almost every country and nationality in their 100 years of beauty series. But they've left out


Giant Traffic Jam In China Is Insane

Everyone hates getting stuck in traffic, especially when they are late for work or an appointment. But you have no idea just


Giant Explosion In Tianjin, China

A giant explosion took place in Tianjin, China at a warehouse near a port area. The fire and explosion lit up the night sky.


Daredevils Climb Skyscraper In Shenzhen, China

The daredevils of On The Roofs went viral over a year ago when they climbed a 650 meter tall tower in