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David Spade Remembers Chris Farley’s Fat Guy In A Little Coat Scene

There are countless famous comedians and celebrities who got their start on SNL, and Chris Farley is definitely high up…

Chris Farley As Shrek

Besides for Austin Powers, Shrek is arguably the most famous character played by Mike Myers. But before Shrek debuted, there were…

Chris Farley Impersonates Newt Gingrich At House Republican Conference In 1995

BuzzFeed has just uploaded this epic vintage C-SPAN video showcasing a much missed Chris Farley impersonating a very similar looking Newt Gingrich at…

Chris Farley and Tom Arnold Pick Up Girls At The Mall

This older video has recently had a burst of viral viewership. Chris Farley, the classic comedian from the 90's, stars in…


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