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Kangaroos in the Snow

23 August, 2019



Republican Woman Rap Song – American Woman Spoof

Rap song ripping Republican women to pieces. All the famous gaffes by conservative women politicians aer highlighted as for being


Christine O’Donnell Doesn’t Know Constitution Amendments: ‘Where In Constitution Is Separation Of Church And State?’

Christine O'Donnell is an embarrassment. She doesn't know simple constitution amendments. What a disgrace. If she wins, I dont' even


Christine O’Donnell I’m Not A Witch Roomie Cover

Let the spoofs commence. Swedish powerpop band Roomie's cover of "I'm Not a Witch" by the excellent Gregory Brothers/Auto-Tune the


Christine O’Donnell I’m Not A Witch Auto Tune Remix Song

The geniuses at Auto Tune The News make Christine O'Donnell famous I'm Not A Witch commercial a remixed song. CLICK

Conan O'Brien Twitter Makes Fun Of Christine O'Donnell

Picture: Conan O’Brien Twitter Makes Fun Of Christine O’Donnell

[caption id="attachment_7854" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Conan O'Brien Twitter Makes Fun Of Christine O'Donnell"][/caption]


Christine O’Donnell Witch Commercial Spoof

I'm not a witch, or a wizard, or a werewolf. I'm just like you America. A fat diabetic man who likes


Christine O’Donnell: Government Spends To Much Money On AIDS

Who cares about Christine O'Donnell being a witch. She's against federal money being spent on fighting AIDS. She says we


Christine O’Donnell Commercial: I’m Not A Witch

If your first television ad has to announce your not a member of the Harry Potter cast, you're in trouble.


Christine O’Donnell Stupidity Montage

Christine O'Donnell is the new Sarah Palin.



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