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Cat Demonstrates What Happens When He Climbs Christmas Tree

This video from three years ago is trending again now more than ever! And for good reason. The clip features…

Helicopter Quickly Drops Christmas Trees Into Truck With Perfection

This video may look like video game footage, but it is very real.  The Northwest Report posted the clip two Christmases…

Bacon And Fast Food Christmas Tree

The boys at EpicMealTime have been filling their arteries every week for over a year now entertaining millions of fans. Now that…

Blind Kitten Plays With Christmas Tree

Blind kitten Oskar first went viral at the end of November, and Mick12321kciM continues to keep everyone updated with adorable kitty videos. Their…

Helicopter Crashes In New Zealand Trying To Put Up Christmas Tree

The helicopter that was installing a Christmas tree in Auckland, New Zealand hit a wire, and dramatically smashed towards the…



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