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Chuck Testa As Santa Claus

Remember Chuck Testa, the taxidermist who became an overnight viral video star after Rhett and Link made him a special commercial for his stuffing…

Ridiculous Zebra Costume Dance

Famous YouTubers Rhett And Link presumably star in this strange dancing zebra costume video, but it's really professional dancers Flitz Ricketts and Steve…

Chuck Testa Auto Tune Remix

Chuck Testa went viral back in September, but YouTube's most famous auto-tuners, Auto Tune The News, just released their auto…

Chuck Testa Can’t Touch This Parody

The Chuck Testa meme exploded online a few weeks ago, but this parody of the commercial only went viral now.…

Outrageous Taxidermist Commercial

Taxidermy is an art form mostly enjoyed by people in the country. As a result, a small taxidermist would find…



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