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If Facebook Was Invented In The 1990s

SquirrelMonkey published this mock 90's video tutorial from the faux 'Wonders of the World Wide Web' internet series. If the series


Buddy Greene Plays Harmonica In Carnegie Hall

This classic viral video from the early days of YouTube has started to trend again this weekend after being featured


Disneyland Footage Circa 1957

Disneyland opened in 1955 fulfilling the dreams of every little boy and girl. Now there was an actual place to


Storm Thunders After Tennis Player Yells “God”

At a 1991 Davis Cup doubles match, Robert Seguso shouted “God!" in anger and frustration after missing a shot. God seemingly answered Robert


1990’s Anti-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christian Propaganda

At the turn of the 90's, there were only a few toys that were on top, one of biggest being


Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Voice Actors Synced With Animation

Disney would sometimes first record their voice actors to get a feel of how they should be animated. And it


Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga The Lady Is A Tramp Duet

Tony Bennett just released a new music video singing a duet with the just recently passed Amy Winehouse, and it


Classic FAIL Compilation

Now that Web 2.0 has been around for so long, it's hard to keep track of all the great FAIL


Epic Disney A Cappella Medley

This video from last September went months with little views. But recently it exploded with hundreds of thousands of hits


Jerry Seinfeld First TV Appearance In The 70’s

This old clip posted in 2009 of Jerry Seinfeld from 1977 has just resurfaced online. Seinfeld appeared on Celebrity Cabaret, a


Rabbit Jumps Over Cat, Runs Away

This video is from way back in 2006, almost the stone age of viral videos. For almost five years, very few


Classic TV Shows Super Bowl Commercial With Originals

The left is the original clips from America's favorite TV shows. The right is the NFL Super Bowl version. I'll